beautiful crime


This week I went to the library to do lots of research (in french…) on street art and I found such an inspiring book. It’s called “Sticker City: Paper Graffiti Art” by Claudia Waldes and it talks exactly about the kind of art like that of Miso‘s that I posted about earlier.

Street art nowadays is a rejection of the traditional method of displaying art: galleries. There is a certain artificiality of displaying your work in a gallery. It’s hard to feel connected to the artwork in such an often sterile environment. By decorating the walls of our streets, the public is constantly interacting with the work. The pieces might make them amused, curious, interested, inspired, fascinated etc etc etc, all of this in the ease of a simple walk down the street. It’s much easier to connect to an audience if you display your work in a space they’re used to being in.

Also, in a way, by making street art, people feel as if they own their city. And it’s important to feel like you own the space you live in because that way you’ll respect it and cherish it a lot more. We are wandering on the streets all the freaking time, if you have the luck to be able to make it yours and transform it to something you like, why not?


TheSisCrew and h u n t e r g a t h e r e r


Of course I’m a big consumer. But I’m proud to say that I try as best as I can to buy handmade/upcycled/vintage!

A relatively new Etsy shop I’m really excited about is TheSisCrew from BC, Canada.
Lauren (label name: LooLoo) and Marnie (label: Artifact) make/upcycle really sweet clothing that has a free, cozy, snowy mountain, hot chocolate-y kind of vibe with a bit of an edge. And we all need some edge in our hot chocolate-like outfits cuz we don’t wanna be tooooo cozy, riiiight? We should always maintain a bit of a mystery. If we feel like it.

Anyways, since I found out about them right before Christmas, I got one of their gorgeous dresses as a present. I love it sososo much!!
They also have a blog btw, so check it out.

h u n t e r g a t h e r e r is another very very new shop from New Zealand (why is everyone from NZ and Australia so cool??) and their cute hair clip bows and beautifully crafted wood necklaces are so enchanting. I can’t decide which I like the most.

Do have a good week and shop conscientiously!

Kings of Convenience


I don’t know if you know the duo Kings of Convenience‘s beautiful guitar melodies. They’re from Norway and their music is so peaceful and yummy to listen to. It goes very well with rainy days and carrot cake. I’m a big fan of minimalism, so their simplistic style is definitely up my alley. And both Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe have the most wonderful male vocals (and awesomest names) I’ve ever heard.

I’m so excited, they’re coming to Toronto in June! I hope I can make it.

Definitely check them out live and their cute, nerdy and hilarious video for I’d Rather Dance With You.

note-Erlend Øye is the one in the glasses… here and there I have a thing for nerds and he’s definitely in that list. Ahhh I love him!

Miso and sunrise


I would like to add my own little touch to this void of bloggers. I guess I feel the need to make a bookshelf-type thing to collect all the pretty things I find.

Miso is a Melbourne artist and her work is so inspiring. She draws wall-sized portraits and glues them on city walls. The idea of going out in the streets and putting your work out there for people to touch, for the weather to tear apart is something so wonderfully selfless. She creates the most beautiful drawings and releases them to the public without inhibition. It takes so much courage to give up something you put so much thought into to the world for free… like it’s no big deal.

Ghostpatrol is her boyfriend and art-collab-partner. ABC made an incredible documentary about them that kept me up with eyes wide open when I was supposed to be asleep.

note: the video is in three parts, make sure to watch them all!